Cable winches

Göllner cable winches are designed for lifting or pulling heavy loads on the flat or up a sloping terrain. The cable drums are driven by hydrostatic radial piston motors (high-torque motors) with external piston support. In conjunction with a Göllner hydraulic aggregate the cable speed is infinitely variable. The cable winch/hydraulic aggregate assembly is operated in a closed circuit as a hydrostatic remote gearing. The main differences between the hydraulic aggregates lie in their pumping capacities. This therefore defines the load limits (maximum tensile force for a given cable speed or maximum cable speed for a given tensile force).

Double-jaw brakes with asbestos-free brake linings are used as safety brakes. The brake acts directly on the cable drum and is closed and hydraulically vented by a coil spring via a brake cylinder. The controls of our cable winches are laid out as so-called dead man’s controls. As soon as the operating lever is released it pivots back to the zero position and the brake is applied. In order to reduce cable wear, Göllner cable winches are equipped with a cable winder as standard. For greater ease of operation all cable winches are fitted with a control stand which has a seat for the operator from which the machine (drum winder) can be operated via single-lever controls and monitored. The control desk has a speed counter with cable length counter, a thermometer and an operating pressure gauge. The control stand can be bolted directly to the winder or installed elsewhere as a mobile control stand.

In summary, our cable winches offer the following benefits:


· Flexible modular design

· Variable loads and speeds

· Infinitely variable cable speeds

· Compact and robust design

· Low maintenance requirements

· High safety standards

· Free choice of location for the hydraulic aggregate

· Control stand with operator seat and mechanical single-lever controls


For type-specific information or additional technical data for our cable winches please contact one of our employees directly. Special versions and cable winches not listed here are available on request.

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