Pneumatic pumps

Suction pumps

Suction pumps or injector pumps are controlled via a float arm. The "Knirps" type sucks the water directly from the floor and was designed for flat waters with low feed/supply. Just connect the suction pump to the existing compressed air supply to take it into operation. The performance curves were recorded at an operating pressure of 4 bar and represent the pump throughput quantity Q with the corresponding quantity of consumed compressed air Ql at corresponding delivery rates H.

Göllner pneumatic pumps are perfectly suited for pumping applications in environments with an increased risk of explosion. They can be divided into suction pumps and supply pumps. Advantages include:


· No rotating components

· Small number of moving parts

· Low maintenance (no lubrication)

· Low susceptibility to faults

· No risk of overheating when running dry

· Good wear properties

· Highly resistant to corrosion

· Unsusceptible to dirty water

The "Voco" series can suck independently through a suction hose from a difference in height of up to 3 m, i.e. the pump does not need to be staffed. This pump was designed for extracting fluids from collecting basins.

The main difference between the types Voco small, Voco medium and Voco large is the difference in pumping capacity.

The capacities can be found in the corresponding Q-H diagrams.

Supply pumps

Our supply pumps are also controlled by a float arm, but they are used as fully automatic underwater pumps. This means that, unlike the suction pumps, compressed air is only used as and when the pump pumps. The supply pump and the underwater pump (types U0, U1, U2 and U3) are set up directly in a draining well. It is not necessary to switch off the pump when the well runs dry, as the compressed air supply remains closed when there is no water supply.

The performance curves (Q-H diagram) for our underwater pumps are also listed below for the conditions described above.

The type-specific technical parameters for our pneumatic pumps are grouped together in a clear table. Please contact a qualified member of our team for more information.

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