Water pressure-reducing valves

For an economically efficient choice of dimensions for the system components of the water supply (consumers, pipes, valves, ...), it is vital that pressure potentials resulting from geodetic differences in height are reduced. Water pressure-reducing valves (WDM) are used for this purpose. These valves reduce the input pressure (high pressure) in a certain ratio to the desired output pressure (low pressure).

Our T-series water pressure-reducing valves are typified by pipe diameters (DN) and are available within these nominal widths for different reduction ratios (R).

Certain application limits need to be considered when selecting a suitable water pressure-reducing valve. The maximum pressure difference between input and output pressure should not exceed 35 bar. It can be adjusted (for a given input pressure) within certain limits by definition of the reduction ratio. Exceeding the maximum pressure difference will cause low local static pressures (as a result of the high flow speeds) with simultaneous shear loads on the fluid, therefore causing cavitation effects.

The flow speed of the in-flowing medium represents a less important limitation in terms of the application of the water pressure-reducing valves. On the basis of a typical flow speed in a pipe of 3 m/s the following volume flows are possible:

Greater pressure differences can be achieved by connecting several water pressure-reducing valves in series, and greater volume flows can be realised by connecting several valves in parallel. We are happy to offer assistance with the selection of all the required individual components.

The prices for our range depend on the type designation as well as the nominal pressure and the associated connecting flange. The specified reduction ratio is met with a tolerance of ±10% at pressure differences of up to d p = 25 bar provided the permitted volume flow is met.

Valve seat bush:

Differential piston:

Differential bush:




Bronze / non-rusting steel

Bronze / non-rusting steel


Nodular graphite iron




Special versions and connection dimensions not listed here are available on request.

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